Our headphones are an audio solution like none other for businesses of all sizes.


Conventions are the heartbeat of Las Vegas, and we’re your audio solution to ensure your message is delivered perfectly every time.

Corporate Parties

Want to please your guests and don’t know what music to pick? Let’s put three different genres on and let them have the time of their lives!

Keynotes & Conferences

Why battle your conference neighbor’s mega speaker system? Put our headphones on your guests and they’ll hear every word you’re trying to convey.

Listening Lounges

With the hustle of Las Vegas and the bustle of conventions. Sometimes you just need a few moments to yourself to recharge. Your guests will thank you!

Zen Gardens

Health and Wellness are key to life; you can make it a big part of your convention with a Sound Off Zen Garden. Listen to meditations, nature sounds, or chill music to take some time and focus on yourself.

 Booth Presentations

Want your convention booth to stand out? Want to make sure you are heard? With our headphones, you can check both of those boxes!

Sound Off Vegas utilizes LED headsets and transmitters to create unique Silent Parties.
Chat with a team member today about creating your own Silent Event!