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Our headphones are used for a wide variety of events

Sound Off Vegas utilizes LED headsets and transmitters to create unique Silent Parties.
Chat with a team member today about creating your own Silent Event!

Silent Discos

Time to dance! Our flagship event that launched it all… with different music on each headphone channel. Music is fully customizable for all ages!


Conventions are the heartbeat of Las Vegas, and we're your audio solution to ensure your message is delivered perfectly every time.


Let’s go big! When you have a lot of people in one area that all want to have fun… a silent disco will be the talk of the whole event. We can go big and make a large group of people very happy!

Corporate Parties

Want to please your guests and don’t know what music to pick? Let’s put three different genres on and let them have the time of their lives!

Sponsor Activations

Is your brand fun and exciting? Then let us help you get that message across! Our headphones can be branded with YOUR logo.

Keynotes & Conferences

Why battle your conference neighbor’s mega speaker system? Put our headphones on your guests and they’ll hear every word you’re trying to convey.


Congratulations! You’re married and don’t want the party to stop… let us help!

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Mazel Tov! We have been providing different types of music at the same event for years. Kids like one type of music… parents another… now you don’t have to choose!

House/Suite Parties

Want to party late and not wake the neighbors? We customize house parties all over Las Vegas. We can also come to your hotel room or suite!